Get Free Gift Cards & Cash

If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to save and earn a few dollars. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite apps that I use on a regular basis. The app is Getupside. I recently downloaded it when my coworker shared with me how she earns cash back from buying gas and I instantly downloaded it. The app is free and doesn’t ask for a lot of personal information.

Step One:

The first thing you should do after you download the GetUpside app is provide GetUpside with the limited credit or debit card information it needs to verify your purchases.

You do this by:

  1. Clicking the menu in the top left
  2. Clicking “My Wallet” in the menu that appears
  3. Clicking “Add Card” in the upper right
  4. Inputting the first six digits and last four digits of each card or cards you intend to use to pay for your gas
  5. Clicking “Save” when you are doing inputting all cards

Step 2: Claim Your Offer in the App

When you find an offer you’re interested in, click the location in the app and make your purchase within the specified time. For gas stations and restaurants, that’s four hours. For grocery stores it’s 24 hours.

You’ll be able to see gas and grocery prices right in the GetUpside app, as well as the cash back offers for various stores and gas stations.

You’ll also see a list of restaurants that GetUpside partners with and the cash back they’re offering.

When you claim a cash back offer, pay with your credit card or debit card and keep the receipt.

Step 3: Get Gas

Then you simply head over to the gas station to get gas.

Step 4: Check In

After you’ve filled up your bank, open up the GetUpside app again and click “Check In”.

Now you just sit back and wait for GetUpside to process your purchase and deposit cash back into your account.

Be sure to use my referral link to get an extra 15c/gal bonus on your first purchase: JENNY32366 or use the link:

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